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While Superman lore clearly favors Lois over Chloe, a handful of long-time fans are still hoping the latter has a chance with Clark. Does she? The character development for Chloe and Clark has, in many ways, created basic differences between them. But it gives both of them a very different outlook on life. They've both grown up a lot and Chloe smallville lois and clark hook up really come into her own, just as Clark has. Souders does confirm that the pair's friendship will blossom again, even as Clark grows closer to Lois romantically this season. But if you look at history the great men and women of the world have always been defined by their enemies. Forget Team Jacob vs.

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The relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane has developed slowly over the years from bickering friends, dynamic partners and ultimately romantic lovers. Their relationship is also called " Clois " by fans. Their destined relationship began when they met at smallville lois and clark hook up beginning of his senior year of high school when Lois found Clark lying naked in the middle of Miller's Field.
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Lois Lane is a fictional character on the television series Smallville ; she was portrayed continually by Erica Durance since her first appearance in the season four premier "Crusade" to the series finale. Durance began as a guest star in season four but was promoted to series regular status beginning in season five. The character of Lois Lanefirst created for comic books by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in to be the love interest smallville lois and clark hook up Clark Kent and his alter-ego Supermanwas adapted to television in by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar —this is the fourth time the character has been adapted into a live-action television series. In SmallvilleLois comes to town to investigate the apparent death of smallville lois and clark hook up cousin Chloe Sullivan at the start of the fourth season. After finding Chloe still alive, Lois is forced to enroll in Smallville High to complete the remaining credits of high school she failed to achieve. As the series progresses, her interest in journalism grows, first writing a couple of articles for the Smallville High Torch in season four, landing a job at the Inquisitor in season sixand finally being hired at the Daily Planet in season seven. By season eightLois begins to realize that she is falling in love with Clark, and by season nine the two become an official couple.

Clark and Lois ' destiny is to become both professional and romantic partners at the Daily Planet. Clark's love life has been a central theme of the series from the very beginning. For the longest time, Clark was in love with Lana Lang. However, his secret was always a major stumbling block in their relationship. He tried to move on with other girlfriends he had over the course of the series Chloe SullivanKyla Willowbrookand Alicia Bakeryet it seemed, no matter what, he would find a way back to Lana. After many years, Lana finally learned smallville lois and clark hook up truth about Clark's Kryptonian origins; just when it seemed like they were going to live happily ever after, Brainiac took control of Lana, infecting her body with a virus in order to get Clark to cooperate with his latest plan. After Lana recovered, she left Smallvilleleaving Clark a goodbye tape, telling him to move forward towards his destiny. Heading to Metropolis he finds that his relationship with Lois Lane over the years has had a profound effect on him and romantic sparks begin to fly high with this super couple. Lois Lane arrives in Smallville, Kansas to investigate the mysterious death of her cousin Chloe Sullivanen route to the Kent Farm searching for answers. Lois's car is deviated off course by a mysterious lighting strike that appears in the sky that sends her into Miller's Field where she comes face to face with an amnesiatic stark naked Clark Kent.

Lionel John Glover discovers the truth and sends someone to kill her, but Lois and Clark stop the would-be killer, allowing Chloe to testify. Before Lois can leave Smallville, her father Michael Ironside informs her that she failed to achieve all of her high school credits and that he has enrolled her in Smallville High so that she can complete smallville lois and clark hook up twelfth-grade year. Her story is bought by the Inquisitor, a tabloid newspaper that gives her a job as a reporter. Her attempt to craft a news story out of the situation lands her a job at the Daily Planet—in the basement alongside her cousin Chloe.
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