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Deciphering Japanese sword signatures mei is an extremely difficult business requiring much study and hard work. If you dislike complexity, if you have a short attention-span or if you like your 'browser' because you like browsing with it, turn back now before it is too late, or you may be doomed to a life of inexorable madness and confusion. If any money depends on the information you hope dating japanese swords find here e. Any of the Japanese Sword Societies will be pleased to help you avoid wasting your cash. To confuse matters there are tens of thousands of swords with fake signatures gimei which have been produced for centuries, either to deceive usually bad news for you or as a dating japanese swords of respect to some master smith could be good or bad news. Then there are swords produced by guilds, where many smiths would use the same standard signature of the founder of the guild or school often quite good news. Still here? Well, after all the caveats, you will be glad to learn that signatures mei usually appear on the majority of Japanese sword tangs nakago in a traditional, stylised fashion.

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Some of the Samurai swords are dated. The dates are found in the tang of the sword. There were different methods that the swordsmith employed to date the blades. Some of them are discussed dating japanese swords this section of the website. Dates are read from the top down. Dates are most commonly written on one side of the tang while the other side holds the master's signature. However, this is not always the case. The characters employed to write a date consisted of numbers, written in kanji, and the symbols for year, month and day.

The curved Japanese sword was perfected at the end of the Heian period in the mid 10 th century. Since that time the curvature and the geometry of the blade has undergone many changes according to the requirements of the various historical periods. Understanding these changes is an important part of Japanese sword appraisal. This chart illustrates the changes in shape dating japanese swords the different historical eras. Before the emergence of the curved tachi, continental style straight blades called Jokoto were originally brought to Japan from the Asian continent. Later, during the Kofun period AD AD sword making began to flourish in Japan with makers continuing the straight sword manufacture. They are usually constructed in the hira-zukuri and kiriha-zukuri styles. Many of these straight blades have been excavated from Kofun period tombs, and some were stored in the Shosoin Imperial Repository, Nara. This shape represents the earliest curved Japanese swords.

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