can u hook up a mouse to ipad

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We have a remote desktop hooked up to a terminal server and some employees would like to use a mouse on his iPad so that it interfaces with the server better. Is this even possible? Exactly, the iPad can probably technically use the mouse, but it has no way of displaying a cursor, even with the help of the RDP client. That's just can u hook up a mouse to ipad how it handles "mouse" input. Sounds like having the application behavior changed to not allow keyboard input would be a good idea then. I don't know of any way to disable the keyboard input if the application calls it up. Guided access does allow you to disable touch in applications so, if your users are hitting the barcode field with their finger to activate the keyboard, you could configure guided access to disable touch input around the barcode area where they are touching. It's like a snip-it tool for disabling touch areas.

If you are a iPad user and you want to use wireless mouse for ipad then learn here simple steps how to use wireless mouse with iPad. Before the advent of iPad everyone was content lugging around the comparatively huge and bulky laptop. Once iPad came it became more convenient to use the iPad rather than the laptop. But then it became obvious that people were missing the good old can u hook up a mouse to ipad and the mouse. Unfortunately Apples iPad software did not allow for use of most kinds of mice.

In the span of a few years, the iPad has gone from a novelty used to consumed music, video and the web can u hook up a mouse to ipad a device used to create those very things, and now with the iPad Pro modelsit is just as powerful as a laptop or a desktop PC. So how do you begin using it like a PC? For many people, it is a simple matter of pulling up the on-screen keyboard and typing away, but if you are going to do a heavy amount of typing, the tactile feel of a real keyboard might be preferable. Microsoft may want to convince the world that the Surface tablet is the tablet for people who want a keyboard, but there are two major problems with that bit of marketing:
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Yes folks!!! Sick and tired of having to put down your beer to click something on your ipad?? Hate having to reach up to the table when your ipad is set up like a monitor? Have you had it with smudge marks?? It took this long to get this sorted?? Anyway we are one step closer to having an iPad kinda work can u hook up a mouse to ipad like a computer.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Jun 12, Jun 15, 8: They are right, you can't. This cannot be done due to the decsion of the can u hook up a mouse to ipad of the Ipad. But that is not the answer. Can it be done? It's called "programming". Despite the biased "AppleHood" of posts like "Why should you?

can u hook up a mouse to ipad
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